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Blogging Beginnings

Tongariro Expeditions is the best shuttle company to use for your next adventure on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing!!!
It is true that I can say what ever I want because this is my blog, but the above statement is also factual. It is so cool to be able to write what ever comes to mind and share extremely good advice with you all. My goal is to cover in an informal way, things that will be handy for you to know when planning your trip.
“Tongariro Expeditions Mandy speaking!”
My greeting on the phone. You may have heard me already. I have been answering the phones off and on for Tongariro Expeditions since it was born nearly 20 years ago. That comes from marrying the man that brought this company to life!
I love my job. I truly do. You can’t say that very often but it’s true. I love helping people. I love dealing with people that are on holiday. It’s cool to have a laugh and share in the adventures of happy travelers.
Most of the time I am in the office but from time to time I come on to the buses in the morning to see the sunrise and see the faces light up as Mt Tongariro peeps over the horizon.
My wish for you is that your trip is as smooth as possible. We are a well organised, flexible company influenced over many years of feedback from customers to fine tune what we offer so that we can best meet the needs of those requiring our services.
So in the next few days I will start with directions to Ketetahi and Base Camp. I will explain as clearly as I can the pros and cons of each option. Basically it will be like chatting to me on the phone. I have given this same advice for years. Now you can access and share my words of wisdom whenever you know of a traveler heading our way.