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About Us

How it all started

Back in 1996 Jared and I moved to Taupo for a life style change from Auckland to raise our children in this beautiful area.  We both love the outdoors and Jared wanted to make the outdoors his career path.  The Taupo area was his playground when he was a young man with fishing, skiing and hiking.  He wanted to share this love of the outdoors with travellers coming to town.

Old photo of Tongariro Expedition owners

We had Fish N Trips on our little plastic fantastic jet boat.  He made a guarantee, 'No fish no pay'.  This was popular and ran for a few seasons.  Jared's love of boats got him to design and make a jet boat river cruise that went along the Waikato river under the Taupo Bungy Site.  We used to pick people up from the old Cherry Island cafe.  the front of the boat opened out to be a landing ladder.  We loved this for a few seasons but sold it to focus more on Jared other love... the mountains.  

Two men in life jackets fishing Group of people on a boat in lifejackets

We started with a van and a good attitude... we would not take anyone up unless we were prepared to be there ourselves.  Now we have a fleet of buses with a range of services developed over time.  We pride ourselves on being an experienced and trusted service provider that have stood the test of time.  

People in front of a Tongariro Expeditions busTongariro Expedition shuttle buses

Our children grew up with the stunning images of the crossing.  When my daughter finally got to the top and saw the emerald lakes for the first time she cried and said it was like meeting a famous person!  Jaime grew up singing twinkle twinkle little star as a little girl on the buses.  She was a courier for years then also drove for us for a season before becoming a nurse.  Jake has been courier with us for years and is working for us this season too.  Say Kia Ora to him when you see him on the buses in the morning.

Couple on the top of the Tongariro CrossingCouple kissing on the Tongariro CrossingMan posing a top the Tongariro Crossing

This is our family.  This is our business.  This is our life.  We are proud of what we have created.  See you all up there soon.