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Frequently Asked Questions


What weather conditions do you cancel for?

We are a freedom hiking company, this means no guide.  Therefore we no longer operate in winter time conditions.  Once the track is clear from snow and ice we start to operate for the summer season.  This is usually some time in October.  We stop operating when snow covers the track, this is usually in June or July.  It changes every year.

During the summer months we keep up to date using Metservice.  We monitor the wind, rain and temperature forecast and make an experienced call everyday.  


Is it safe to take a baby to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing?

There is no short answer to this.  Ideally, do not take a baby on this track as it is slippery and steep in areas and you are exposed to the elements all day.  However, if you are experienced, hike regularly and have a purpose built hiking pack to carry your baby then, yes it is possible to take a baby.  Please be mindful of the weather conditions.  We give a full refund to anyone booking with a baby if they choose to cancel due to the weather.  

Also, once your child is too big to carry the whole way we again suggest not taking them until they are around 10 years old.  This is so they can hike the whole track without needing to be carried.  We take each situation on a case by case basis and prefer to talk to you about your experience and confidence in your child before accepting the booking.