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Welcome to Tongariro Expeditions

 With over 20 years of experience on the mountains of the Central Plateau, Tongariro Expeditions is the longest running service provider for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Our convenient Tongariro Crossing shuttle service allows hikers to navigate this iconic trek at their own pace, ensuring a positive and stress-free experience.

Our Ketetahi Park N Ride service provides a safe and reliable way to begin your Tongariro Crossing journey, offering a one-way shuttle from your vehicle at the end of the hike to the start of the hike in the morning. By hiking your way back to your car, there is no time limit to your hike and no need to wait for a bus once you’ve reached the end.

Enjoy the shortest amount of time possible in shared transport, follow our contactless check-in procedure, and benefit from contract tracing if necessary - managed through our online booking system. Our Tongariro Crossing shuttle is available at a great price, with further discounts for large groups, seniors, students, and children. We also provide you with a map and information sheet that will give you confidence, local knowledge, and sound advice to keep you safe on the trek.




Ketetahi Park N Ride

DURATION: 6-8 hours hiking

COST: $45

One way transport from the end of the track (Ketetahi) to the beginning (Mangatepopo).


Taupo Return Shuttle

DURATION: 6-8 hours hiking

COST: $120

Return transport available from most accommodation places in Taupo or from the Taupo I-site


Turangi Return Shuttle

DURATION: 6-8 hours hiking

COST: $100

Return transport available from most accommodation places in Turangi ofrom the Turangi I-site


Tongariro Holiday Park

DURATION: 6-8 hours hiking

COST: $50

Return transport available from Tongariro Holiday Park to and from the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.


" This service was great. We used a one way shuttle from Ketetahi carpark to the Mangetepopo start and left our cars at the end. It was great to have this option as we had young children with us and we didn't know how long it was going to take us." Roam16053005304, January 2019

" Excellent Experience! Tongariro Expeditions was great every step of the way!" Alan S, January 2019

" Very efficient, helpful and comfortable!" Adrienne Bowe, February 2020

" Must to do when you're visiting New Zealand. Long hike but worth it. The view is absolutely incredible!" Culture11594502942, January 2019

" Prompt transportation to trail head, great for slow hikers like me that cannot keep up with a group but can still do 13+ miles." vgiambanco, Jan 15, 2023

" Excellent service..!!! After bookings, I got exact location link for pick up to avoid any confusion which is very helpful." Darsh_L, Jan 3, 2023