The ultimate guide to Tongariro Expeditions’ Ketetahi Park N Ride!

1. Book online

Our Park N Ride service for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing can be booked online, offering departure times of 6:30am, 7:30am and 8:30am. During peak times we also offer 5:30am and 9:30am departures. Select your preferred time and complete our simple booking process to reserve your place.

2. Bring your own vehicle

This service sees you drive your car to the finishing point of the Tongariro Crossing at Ketetahi—no need to arrange transport from your accommodation! Travel in the comfort of your own vehicle, enjoying your coffee or breakfast on the way if you wish. Once you’ve arrived at Ketetahi, our bus will drop you off at the starting point of the track.

3. Choose your park

There is ample space for parking at Ketetahi—the end point of the track. Approximately 250 vehicles are permitted to park all day on the side of State Highway 46, offering plenty of options for our Park N Ride customers—just avoid any areas with ‘no parking’ signs! The main Ketetahi carpark can also accommodate 35 vehicles, however a four-hour limit applies. In the highly unlikely event that all parks are taken, there is an overflow car park up the road that will be opened. Early starters will have the best chance of securing a car park closest to the exit point of the track

4. Say hello

To allow plenty of time and a stress-free experience, plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your designated pick up time. Once you’ve parked your car, gathered your belongings and locked up, walk to our Tongariro Expeditions check-in van which is parked across the road from the entrance to the Ketetahi carpark.  We’ll give you a map and information sheet to check out while you wait for the bus to collect you.

5. Don’t rush!

Our bus will drop you off at the start point at the Mangatepopo carpark. With Park N Ride, you have the flexibility to complete the trek at your own pace, with no need to work to a fixed schedule in order to meet return transport. Enjoy a more leisurely walk, soak up the scenery, take plenty of pictures and stop for refreshments along the way!

6. Depart in comfort

After many hours of hiking, you’ll be pleased to find your own familiar and comfortable vehicle waiting for you at the other end. Simply walk out to the main road where you parked your car.  Depart in your own time, with no need to wait for another bus or shuttle to collect you and drop you at your accommodation. Debrief with your companion, hit the nearest drive-thru, wind down by listening to some music or start planning your next adventure!

Posted by Tomahawk Support on March 11, 2020